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Here at South Side Auto Service we look to keep your vehicle running like new. To do this, we look to help you with any motoring problems you may have.  Here are some of the services we perform to do so.



Mechanical issues on your vehicle are also safety issues.  Mechanical problems on a vehicle could lead to unwanted break downs, stuck on the side of the road or sometimes even injury.  We don't want anyone getting hurt out on the road, so we're willing to take a look at your vehicle to make sure it's up to speed to prevent this from ever happening.


Call up today to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle checked for any safety issues.



Electrical issues could be a real pain when it comes to NYS Inspection time.  Having the Check Engine Light on in your vehicle could mean you're burning up more fuel than necessary.  We also check out Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS) and Traction Control System (TCS), Safety Restraint System (SRS), and any other light that may be haunting your dashboard.



Engine problems are always unwanted. Cylidner head gasket, valve cover gaskets, or any other type of gasket that's leaking we fix to keep all the essential fluids inside the engine where they belong.
Having an oil leak can lead to internal engine damage or even engine failure.



You're going to have to be able to stop on time, so having your brakes up to par is always something necessary.  Here at South Side Auto we offer a Parts Lifetime Warranty on our Raybestos Ceramic Grade brake pad.


Call up today to get a price quote on your vehicle.

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