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Oil Change & 27-Point  Inspection


With out engine oil change service we automatically go over 27-points of your vehicle to ensure your vehicle is running up to speed so there's no unexpected break downs in the future.


Semi-Synthetic oil change with 27-point inspection:



Full-Synthetic Oil Change with 27-Point inspection:


BG Fluid Treatment


The Lifetime BG Protection Plan supports the seven majors systems included in BG's Automotive Maintenance Services: fuel, engine, transmission, drive line, coolant, power steering and brakes.



Call for more pricing and details!




 Along with our Oil Change we also take a look at the brakes and front end of your vehicle.


Our brake services start at $74.99/axle and most services come with a limited lifetime parts warranty.


Call for a free brake estimate or to schedule an appointment.


Here at South Side Auto Service we look to keep your vehicle running like new so that there are no unexpected break downs in the future.  To keep your car running like new, it's expected to routinely bring your vehicle in for preventative servicing.  Here are a few items we address to maintain your vehicle.

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